• March 1st, 2023: Back in the SFB1101
    Another reason to cellebrate: The DFG granted our application to rejoin the collaborative research center (Sonderforschungsbereich) SFB1101. It is inspiring to be part of such a successful example of collaboration and teamwork.
  • Dec 12th, 2022: Miao’s Defense
    What better way to end the year than a successful PhD defense. Two weeks before the holiday break, Miao Yingjing defended her thesis “Molecular characterization of paternal-defective fertilization mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana”. It’s another one of these moments, when everyone in the group is proud to have such an excellent student as colleague. Very wellContinue reading “Dec 12th, 2022: Miao’s Defense”
  • Nov 24th, 2022: PhD defense Houming Chen
    Another reason to celebrate: Houming Chen successfully defended his PhD thesis. In his talk, he nicely summarized his large body of work on transcription factor control in embryonic polarity establishment. Watch out for upcoming preprint on biorxiv 😉 We are all very proud! Well done Dr. Chen!
  • May 2nd, 2022: A new home for the Bayer lab
    Funded by the DFG Heisenberg Program, we have moved to the Center for Plant Molecular Biology (ZMBP), Tübingen. We are very grateful for the warm welcome by everyone and excited about the great possibilities of collaboration with outstanding plant research groups.
  • Dec 20th, 2021: Kai Wang’s Defense
    Right before the holidays, we had a good reason to celebrate: Kai Wang successfully defended his PhD thesis! Due to his outstanding scientific contribution, he graduated with the best mark “summa cum laude”. We are all very proud! Well done, Dr. Wang!